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Transitional Menswear Made Simple

As you drop pounds, pick up these smart—and money-wise—clothes shopping tips.
Article By: Karie L. Frost
Transitional Menswear Made Simple

As you trim the bulge from your waistline, you’re probably noticing something else that’s slimming down simultaneously: your closet. Your once-comfortable options currently dwarf you. All of those tried-and-true wardrobe staples that used to fit you like a glove now bag and sag in places that don’t look decent on a grown man.

But you don’t like to shop. Or, you don’t mind the occasional mall trip, but your wallet has been dwindling in size due to the current economic slump. ’Tis true—your triumph over your weight turns into a defeat to your wallet, and replenishing a whole wardrobe costs a pretty penny—especially if you’re still on your way to losing additional inches all around. Luckily, you can help keep your wallet sizeable as you downsize your frame by buying smart, tailoring and focusing on those wardrobe staples that rarely go out of style.

Tried and True

These staples will keep you in style as you shed sizes.

  • Sport Jacket:Dockers Corduroy Sport Coat, $75, Kohls
  • Navy Suit:“You should own at least one navy, single-breasted suit,” reports Gilchrist. “It’s the basic for all social and business function.” Andrew Fezza Navy Multistripe Three-Button Suit, $149.99 to $169.99 (available in big & tall)
  • Dress Trousers:Banana Republic Charcoal Wool Pinstripe Pant, $98 (available in big & tall)
  • Reversible Belt: “All men need two belts: a black one and a brown one,” says White. “Buy a reversible one—black on one side, brown on the other—and you save yourself some money!” Kenneth Cole Reaction Reversible Leather Belt, $45 (up to size 42)


  1. Consider your day-to-day life . “Your lifestyle and your business dress code really determine what you need in your closet,” relates Andy Gilchrist, author of The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes and popular menswear site “It used to be whatever you did, a suit, dress shirt and necktie were standard—but no longer!” Consider your job and your social schedule: If you work in construction, and all of your friends are married (which equals no wedding shindigs requiring that dreaded “dress attire”), you may not need a suit. Or, if your work allows business casual attire, focus on purchasing two new pairs of Khakis or chinos.
  2. Get thee to a tailor . You have some items with which you simply can’t part. Understandable, but if they don’t fit properly, all of your hard work to drop the pounds will be shrouded—literally—behind a curtain of baggy clothes. While you can’t tailor everything to fit your newly svelte self (say, “Adios!” to your oversize T-shirts), some big-ticket items in your closet (think suits and sport jackets) can be taken in quite easily. “Your shoulder measurement doesn’t usually decrease in size, so suit jackets as well as sport jackets may be altered up to a couple of sizes,” says Gilchrist. “Trousers can be altered up to about four inches, but be careful: You don’t want the back pockets to touch!” Any tailor can take in your trousers at all of the seams, but Gilchrist advises against this as the cost usually outweighs that of a new pair.
  3. Become a master of illusion . You’ve heard how vertical stripes visually lengthen the body, while horizontal stripes work to widen it, right? Bone up on what packs on extra pounds to the eye, and what optically slims you. “Heavier fabrics, such as tweed, flannel and chunky cable knits, give the impression of a heavier body,” warns Gilchrist. “By the same token, light- to medium-weight fabrics, like cotton, twill and linen, visually remove pounds.” Adds White, “Stay away from any fabric that is synthetic with too much shine or stiffness, or clingy.” Avoid anything overly busy in pattern or that has a large pattern. And, when in doubt, go dark—nothing subtracts the poundage like head-to-toe solid black and navy.
  4. Shape shift . Take into consideration your current shape, and seek the cut and fit that best accentuates it. “If you are pear-shaped, you’ll want a boxy fit to help visually disguise weight,” advises editorial and celebrity stylist Ise White. Another way to cloak weight: “Request that your suit jacket be tailored to have a more A-line fit,” she says. Fit is so important, in fact, that Gilchrist places it as the No. 1 factor you need to consider whenever purchasing new clothing. “Think about it: Tight-fitting clothes accentuate bulges. Avoid tightness in the upper chest and shoulders. Think roomy—but definitely not baggy,” he suggests.
  5. Two is the magic number. If you’re not pinching pennies, by all means, buy yourself five pairs of pants. But, truthfully, if you are still on your way to losing more weight, “you realistically only need two of any item in the new size,” says Gilchrist. “Khakis and chinos can be altered in the months ahead.”
  6. Buy for today. Weight-conscious people are notorious for purchasing clothing two sizes too small in the hopes that “some day” they’ll squeeze into their new duds. Don’t fall into this trap. “Buy clothes that fit you now,” stresses White. “No matter what, you want to be able to use what you buy—especially in this economy.” Both White and Gilchrist agree that living in the “now” for fit will save you heartache and help your psyche, and that “thinking ahead” smartly only includes buying items that can be easily altered to a smaller size in the future—not items that are already too tight for your frame.
  7. Spend thrifty. You don’t have to lay down a ton of cash to look great these days. White points out that several mass chain stores, such as H&M and Zara, sell suits that may not be made of the highest quality fabric, but do provide on-trend cuts and fairly great tailoring at a very low price—perfect for short-term, transitional wear.
  8. Stick with the classics. Trends come and go, but classic style remains popular through the ages. “Classic men’s clothing has been virtually unchanged since the 1930’s,” says Gilchrist—and for good reason: “It’s evolved to look good on most men.” (See Sidebar “Tried and True” for your best closet staples.)

17 Style Tips to Look Thinner

While you’re losing weight, these simple strategies can help you appear slimmer.
Article By: Lisa Freedman
How to Look Thinner as the Pounds Come Off

Congratulations, you’re a ‘Tweener! That means you’ve been losing a ton of weight, but you’re not quite at your goal. While you work to shed those last pesky pounds why not let those around you think you’re slimmer than you really are? We asked the experts how you can look your best.

Color me bland
Even the most unfashionable know that black is a slimming color but Stuff Magazine’s fashion director, Kelly Rae, says that all dark colors—and even whites—can minimize your size. “Blander colors won’t draw attention to your outfit, and that’s a good thing. Fuchsias, pinks and other bright shades will make you look like an enormous party tent.” Clearly not a good thing.

Drop your drawers
The skateboarder look might be too young for you but those crazy kids are on to something. “Wearing your pants lower elongates your torso and makes you look leaner,” says Dave Johnson, a former Kenneth Cole designer. Even as little as one inch can make a huge difference.

Go untucked
You don’t want to look sloppy—which an untucked tee or polo is sure to do—but, if done right, an untucked shirt can also elongate your torso. “If you’re wearing a casual fitted button-down with jeans, and both are dark colors, leave it untucked and you’ll never look slimmer,” Johnson says.

Beware of prints
Just like colors, you should pick patterns that aren’t flamboyant. “Never wear anything with an all-over print,” says Rae. “Instead, opt for something subtle and soft like vertical stripes that will elongate your body and make you look taller and thinner.” For the best results with this illusion, look for shirts that are all one color and just use tonal variations in the stripes (like navys and baby blues).

Fit like a glove
“The biggest mistake heavier people make is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly,” Rae says. “You may think a bigger size helps hide the fat but it just makes you look sloppy.” Don’t try to hide your weight under yards of fabric; instead buy shirts that have a more fitted, tapered shape rather than a wide square cut.

Play darts
Remember those fitted shirts from the 70s? Johnson says they’re back and they’re just as helpful as ever: “The darts take out a lot of excess fabric and help give you that athletic V shape.”

Channel Travolta
John Travolta is not a slim guy but he’s still sexy because of the way his clothes fit him. Rae says, “He knows his size and he’s very comfortable in it. You can tell because of the way he wears fitted clothing.”

Suit yourself
Nobody looks bad in a suit. Johnson says it’s true: “That’s because they’re monochromatic head-to-toe and worn close to the body. They’re slimming all around!” But he does have some tips to keep in mind, “Steer clear of double-breasted styles and pleated pants. Natural shoulders and two or three button styles are best.”

Stick to what you know
Guess what? Pleated and double-pleated pants are coming back into style. Guess what else? That doesn’t mean you should wear them. In fact, Rae suggests staying away from any cut that’s on the progressive edge. “Simply put, clothes look better when they’re on a thinner frame and you can’t afford to take chances when you’re overweight,” Rae says.

Must Haves
You should have these items in your closet, no matter what. No excuses!

A Vest
This simple piece can take 10 pounds off instantly. It fits close to your body and, with the bottom edge worn over your belt, your waist line is lowered and your torso is elongated. Need help pulling it off? Check almost any recent photo of Justin Timberlake—he’s always rockin’ the vest!

Boot-Cut Jeans
Get a lower rise pair to, again, elongate your torso (notice a pattern here?). The slight flare at the bottom will make your legs look longer. Dress them up with a dark collared shirt and a dark slim blazer. You can find these jeans anywhere from Old Navy to Gucci.

A Ringer Tee
The broadest part of your chest is the line across your nipples. Highlight this part with a ringer tee where the sleeves hit right at that line. This will accentuate your broadening shoulders over your slimming waist.

Checklist of things to avoid
Steer clear of these wardrobe fatteners:

  • Funky ties:They draw people’s eyes to the wrong places—your belly. Alternatively, match solid or lightly striped shirts with ties that have bigger repeating images like palm trees.
  • Horizontal stripes:No matter how you wear them, these stripes will accent any rolls of fat and make them look larger than they really are. Don’t let that get you down; these stripes don’t look good on anyone, even men with 30-inch waists.
  • Polka dots:And anything else that’s not solid or vertically striped. At least for now. Eccentric, loud patterns like Tommy Bahama shirts will create the exact opposite effect that you’re looking for.
  • Skin-tight clothes: Although it’s best to wear fitted clothing there is a big difference between fitted and painted on. You’ll want to have breathing room in your shirts and pants but not so much that there’s room for two of you.

Good Morning all. It is going to be a great day today. Close to 90 degrees today?  Crazy. Going to start the day with an omelette today if I have time. If not, I will resort to 1 cup of Cheerios and a banana. Good old 3 points. God the news is terrible. Everything is negative. Not sure why I even watch it, but I do and my wife would tell you that I am hooked on it. Make it a great day today!  Later

Word up

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It is Wednesday night. Got the lawn mowed. It was about 789 degrees outside, so I sweat my ass off. Slammed an 8oz Tilapia filet and 2 cups of fresh broccoli for dinner. Not too bad had a few cold Miller Lites and don’t feel bad about it because I have been so strict on the diet. Took the pooch for a nice long walk and met another maltipoo on the way. Things are going great. Got a full head of steam and no what I want to look like in 87 days.  Kickin ass and takin names. Hope you all have a great night. On a side note, club crackers and peanut butter sound great right now. I will pass and diesel another banana. Peace out

So Austen, my co-worker is a huge food truck junkie and there is a truck called the Scratch Truck.  It was in Carmel today, so I wanted to go along for the ride to see what these was all about.  This truck serves up some of the most amazing looking food I have seen in a while.  Really, bacon marmalade and Gorgonzola cheese burgers????  I casually went along for the ride to get out of the office and I can say that I did not eat 1 thing, well (1) hand cut french fry.  I put down 1 point on my tracking sheet because it was just that damn good.  Day is great so far.  Getting ready to diesel a 100 calorie yogurt.  Yogurt or burgers???  I will be so happy in 90 days when I hit my goal and then I might go and hunt down the Scratch Truck and diesel a burger and fries.  Later


Not too bad… I wish I had a whole trough of it though… LOL

Pretty sure that the office breakroom should be locked or blocked off.  Just went back there to get a water and all I see is a huge box of Club Crackers.  Club crackers are like crack.  Club crackers and Weight Watchers do not go well together.  On the menu for lunch, a sweet succulent Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti….  Although it is good, I am always more hungry after I get done eating it than I was before.  Oh well, if I want to drop the man boobs, some sacrifice needs to be made.  Hope you are all having a good day.  Go Sox!