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Cool Barbecue Tools

Check out these 10 gadgets to help get you grilling like a pro.
Article By: Jason Carpenter
Cool Barbecue Tools
Whoever thought barbecuing is best kept low-tech and simple never burned a $20 porterhouse steak or spent a half-hour trying to clean a fossilized grill grate.

These 10 gadgets, tools and accessories can reduce labor and guesswork, and increase your grilling versatility. All are available in home or cooking stores or directly from their manufacturers.

Prices and availability may vary.

Mesh Shaker Basket


If you’ve ever grilled up veggies over a fire and accidentally let slices slip through the griddles, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and fish them out using a fork. This stainless steel mesh basket has a locking lid so you’re free to toss up a low PointPlus value storm.

$35, surlatable.com

Smokin Barbecue


If you’re pursuing a higher mastery of smoked ribs, chicken or brisket, then invest in one of these Bradley digital smokers. About the size of a mini-fridge, it’s completely self-contained and produces up to 8 hours of continuous clean smoke. The digital temperature controls allow hot or cold smoking, and it will even work as a slow cooker/roaster, and dry fruit. With four racks and more than 200 cubic inches of cooking space, you’ll be able to smoke enough food for the season in one shot.

$499 , bradleysmoker.com

Wireless Thermometer


Instead of cooking yourself in the summer sun as you monitor your meat, just pop in one of the sensors of the Maverick remote thermometer and head for the shade. Punch in your desired setting and this remote gadget (with a range of up to 100 feet) will sound an alarm when the food is done. Also works in the oven.

$80, maverickhousewares.com

Digital Pocket Thermometer


If the Maverick wireless thermometer is the Cadillac of grilling thermometers then this pocket sized one is the Vespa. The 6½ inch Weber thermometer has a protective sleeve with a clip for carrying in a pocket and a simple 3 push-button control system.

$15, amazon.com

Solar Powered Grill Light


This cordless solar panel light will save you from burning those burgers, when you’re jonesing for a late-night fix. It has an 18-inch bending neck and clips onto your grill with a spring clamp. And since it runs on Ni-Cad batteries (included), a charge from the sun can last up to four hours.

$70, maverickhousewares.com

Motorized Grill Brush


Don’t use elbow grease to scrape gunk off the grill. This motorized grill brush from Brookstone sports push-button steam cleaning to loosen even the stickiest residue. The hefty handle also makes it easy to control, while the dual brass bristles work their magic on that cheesy runoff.

$30, brookstone.com

Charcoal Chimney Starter


You’ve probably had a few headaches lighting coals. How may briquettes should you use? How long do you have to wait until those coals are the perfect cooking temperature? The Rapidfire Chimney Starter from Weber ignites briquettes safely, quickly and evenly. The aluminized-steel cylinder holds the perfect number of coals for a 57cm barbecue — all you have to do is place your chosen fire-starter under the bottom coils, light it up and release the glowing briquettes. You won’t even get your hands dirty.

$18, store.webber.com

Cast Iron Grill Humidifier


If your BBQ priority is keeping food moist and juicy, you could use a good humidifier like this model from Charcoal Companion. The two cast-iron boxes can hold water, beer, wine or whatever other flavor-lending liquid you can concoct. As they heat, up steam is released, giving your grill-top grub extra tenderness and taste.

$15, surlatable.com

Cordless Cooker


Just because grills are not friendly to chili, stews, soups and even black beans doesn’t mean you’ve got to banish them from your cookout or tailgating party. The propane-powered Coleman Heat ’n Serve Slow Cooker can handle them all—and keep the macaroni and cheese hot—miles from a wall plug.

$35, coleman.com

Skewers with Style


To add rustic style to your kebabs, use these Cast Iron Twig Skewers from Uncommon Goods. The little branch nubs will prevent food from sliding off, and the non-stick metal conducts heat evenly to cook meat and vegetables in the center.

$30 for a set of 8, uncommongoods.com

About the Writer
Jason Carpenter is a contributing writer for WeightWatchers.com.

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