WEIGH IN DAY @loselikeaman @weightwatchers

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today is the big day once again.  Not sure about how things are going to go today, but we will see.  A lot has happened since last weigh in, but I think I have remained on course throughout.  I am a huge fan of WW snacks and I think that those alone have helped me tremendously.  Snacking is a tough beast to conquer.  The WW snacks allow you to snack with reasonable sized portions.  I was joking with my wife last night, that I havent had a Club cracker in over 2 months!  That is insane.  Let me rephrase, that is unheard of.  When I was much bigger, it was not uncommon to diesel a whole sleeve of those in a night, with peanut butter all over those bad boys.  Not anymore, I have a kid on the way and am not going to be unhealthy.  Regardless of how hard it gets, I still need to lose 12-13 more pounds to hit my goal weight.  Peace out and have a great day!


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