I am just big boned @weightwatchers @loselikeaman

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

You ever hear that term.  I love it.  It makes me laugh every single time I hear it.  I want to say, “no, you are just lazy”  Big boned?  What the hell does that even mean?  It is an escape for people who can not cope with the fact that they are just overweight and unhealthy.  Bottom line is that you need to get your ass to the gym and quit eating bon bons on the couch.  I also like when people say that ” I am just stocky”  That is another great term meaning you are in denial that you are overweight.  I get it, I was there at one point to.  I woke up one day and just told myself I did not want to rock a size 40 pant anymore. 

I weigh in today and am a touch scared about it.  Wish me luck.  Thanks


Your big boned friend Todd


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