6+ years … still surprised.

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


All recruiters have funny stories about interviews, candidates, etc. Over the years, you start to get ‘numb’ to some of the silly things candidates and/or hiring manager do. However, there is always that time when you speak to someone and you are absolutely-100%-amazed at the ridiculousness of what is coming out of their mouth. For instance (this is edited a bit for easy reading):

Me: “What is your ideal role?”
Candidate: “I would like to get into something new and move into a help desk role to get away from operations.”
Me: “You have been on a help desk for 12 years now, how will that be different?”
Candidate: “You’re right, that probably isn’t … I just hate operations.”
Me: “To me, help desk roles are very operational in nature, don’t you think so?”
Candidate: “You’re right, they probably are.”

Another part of this same conversation:
Me: “From…

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