Holy Ribs & Smoked Meat @weightwatchers

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a huge hurdle to overcome. The owners of our company came in and said that they were taking the office out to Squealers (a bbq joint here in Indy). The place is a man’s dream. You walk in and can barely see as they are freshly smoking all different times of meat. The smell is heaven and the ambiance is second to none. We sit down and our owners get appetizers consisting of BBQ nachos, Fried Ribs and cheese sticks… I am thinking to myself, holy shit does this look amazing. Well needless to say, the will power kicked in… I had 3 nacho chips with smoked rib meat on them for an appetizer. My lunch consisted of pulled pork and 3 tablespoons of bbq sauce with a half cup of cole slaw. That was it. I was 100% satisfied.. Felt pretty damn good about yesterday’s trip to the bbq joint! Stick to your guns even if presented a tough situation… <– That is my thought for the day!


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