Wednesday Thoughts @loselikeaman

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone! Been busy and didnt post much on here yesterday. Today is another huge weigh in day for me. I think I will have dropped at least 3 pounds last week. I have been drinking at least (6) 16oz bottles of water everyday. I am feeling pretty damn good. Last night, we were running low on groceries, so I decided to make 4 chicken fingers (15 points) and eat them with lettuce, carrots, peppers and a touch of balsamic and holy shit it was good! Cool thing about WW is that you can actually eat everything you want to. You just have to watch the portions. That is the issue with things in the US. Everything is such huge portions. Everything is huge and processed. Going through this and trying to drop weight is tough, but it makes you realize that the things you are used to putting in your body are not the best for you. Going on a recipe search and will post when I locate some good ones. Happy Hump Day


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