Thirsty Thursday

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Good morning world. Great night last night from a WW standpoint. Cooked up some 8oz pork chops on Foreman Grill and covered them in 1 tablespoon of Uncle Jims Mustard. For those who do not know what Uncle Jims Pepper Mustard is, I would highly recommend it. Google Uncle Jims Pepper Mustard and buy some, it is that good. Sweet with a touch of hotness. Some steamed broccoli to go along with my chops. All said and done, my meal was 10 points and I was pretty satisfied. I bought some WW Lemon Cake 2 point bars that are great as well. So I dieseled one of those as well 🙂 Had a couple of Miller 64’s and still came in under my points for the day! Things are going well. It is really amazing what you can do if you just tell yourself that you can do it. Going to speedway on Saturday with a bud to see an old bud. Usually when I get with the guys, I drink dark beer and eat terrible…. NO MORE…. Miller 64’s and good eating decisions still make for a great time. That is all for now! Make today a good one


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