1st weigh in = Success

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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First weigh in is in the books….  Although it was a touch higher than where I wanted it to be, it was a real eye opener.  To see where I was only 4 months ago 235.6lbs, to today, 255.6.  WTF, I got so off track that I gained 20 pounds back…  Oh well, it is why I am doing it in the first place.  I purchased some Weight Watchers 3 point nut bars that will help me in hunger journey.  When I got back to the office, I made a delightful Smart Ones meal (8 points).  Spinach and Ricotta Pasta was so $$, only problem is, is that I wanted about 10 more portions.  I guess I will diesel a banana and get back to work to get my mind off food.  Hopefully the rain holds off and I will be able to get a 45 minute bike ride in tonight and get some activity points back.  Peace out, back to recruiting some stud IT folks… It is about ready to unleash the fury here from a thunderstorm standpoint!


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