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Just a thought…. Some people may not know what a micro brew is.  Here is a “fat” picture of myself drinking a beer with close to 200 calories in it…..  Looks like used motor oil 🙂




Hello everyone…  I am starting to blog my weight loss journey on here and wanted to share what I am going through right now. A bit about myself…  I was always into sports and activities and when that all stopped, so did my drive to stay healthy.  It turned into a constant battle about getting my ass to the gym or not.  The thing is, I am not a lazy person at all.  Just the thought of going to the gym pisses me off.  Once I am there,  I am OK.  It is just getting my ass there.  I like activities and being active, but I also enjoy drinking extremely calorie rich micro brews.  This, coupled with my ability to eat large amounts of delicious food is a bad combo for someone who does not want to hit the gym.  Would I consider myself fat? No, not at all.  I would consider myself as a bigger guy with the ability to grow manboobs if I am not careful! Tomorrow 5-1-12 starts my journey back to the 215 pound era:)  I am (re) starting Weight Watchers.  It has been extremely helpful for me in the past and am super excited to blog about my journey.  Back to slamming Miller 64’s instead of luscious New Castle!  Stay tuned…..